Our labs are located in SF4202 and SF4107. We carry out device characterization in these labs.

A sample of our equipment

Tunable lasers over O, S, C, L bands

EDFA, optical spectrum analyzer, photodetectors up to 40 GHz

Waveguide measurement setups with compound and zoom microscopes

InGaAs, and silicon CCD and CMOS cameras

Programmable pattern generator and clock source

Digital communication analyzer

Probe holders and 40 GHz RF probes

Network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, signal generator

Assorted physical optics, optomechanics, and fiber components


We use the TNFC cleanroom facilities on campus (inside the Pratt, Bahen, and Wallberg buildings). The facility supports photolithography, electron-beam lithography, wet and dry etching, as well as metal and dielectric deposition.

High Performance Computing

We access the Compute Canada managed supercomputing facilities for some of our simulations.