Sept.: Welcome Liam Dicke, a new MASc student in our group!

Aug.: Thank you to Chris, Alec, Ray,  and Zhengbang for wrapping up their PEY with us. They overcame a lot to work independently and effectively throughout 2020-2021.

Aug.: Congratulations to Steve for successfully defending his MASc thesis!

Feb.: Congratulations to Dave and Torrey for successfully defending their Ph.D. theses!


We are excited to launch new research directions at the Max Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics in Halle, Germany in our new Department of Nanophotonics, Integration, and Neural Technology (NINT)!  Check out our research!


Oct. 2017

We are part of the newly launched Neurotech Alliance:

July 2017

This page hasn't been updated in a long time. Lots of things are happening, but here are a few highlights. 

Zheng presented 2 papers at OFC 2017 on Si photonic modulators. One of the papers (on the flip-chip integrated transmitter) was recognized as a top-scored paper in the Active Devices category.  Congratulations, Zheng!

Check out our Publications section on our latest works on silicon photonics (modulators, lasers, quantum key distribution).

Joyce received a Departmental Teaching Award for the first time in May 2017!

We welcome Fred Chen and Thomas Lordello to our group as MASc students.

June 2016

Ellen successfully defended her MASc thesis!

Our latest results on the development of our SiN-on-Si photonic platform was presented at the postdeadline session at CLEO!

W. D. Sacher, Z. Yong, J. C. Mikkelsen, A. Bois, Y. Yang, J. C. Mak, P. Dumais, D. Goodwill, C. Ma, J. Jeong, E. Bernier, and J. K. Poon. Multilayer Silicon Nitride-on-Silicon Integrated Photonic Platform for 3D Photonic Circuits.  Paper JTh4C.3.

September 2015

Wesley has successfully defended his PhD thesis!

We welcome Antoine Bois, Ilan Felts Almog, and Mihail Sararoiu, who are joining our group as masters students.  We also welcome Yisu Yang, the new postdoc in our group.

We had a productive summer -- we have 5 papers published/accepted this summer. Check out the Publications section for new papers on VO2, automatic optimization in Si photonics, and lasers.

May 2015

See us at CLEO 2015:

A. Joushaghani, J. Jeong, S. Paradis, D. Alain, J. S. Aitchison, and J. K. S. Poon. Ultra-compact hybrid Si-VO2 electroabsorption optical switch. Paper SM1I.2.

W. D. Sacher, M. L. Davenport, M. J. R. Heck, J. C. Mikkelsen, J. K. S. Poon, and J. E. Bowers. Hybrid silicon ring laser with unidirectional emission.  Paper SM1I.3.

J. Jeong, A. Joushaghani, S. Paradis, D. Alain, and J. K. S. Poon. Electrically controllable extraordinary optical transmission in metallic surface gratings on VO2. Paper SW4I.6.

J. C. C. Mak, W. D. Sacher, J. C. Mikkelsen, T. Xue, Z. Yong, and J. K. S. Poon. Automated calibration of high-order microring filters. Paper SW1N.2.


September 2014

Arash has successfully defended his PhD thesis!

We are moving out of our lab in SF4101 and into SF4107.

We welcome Chaoxuan Ma and Torrey Thiessen to the group!

June 2014

Check out our recent publications.  Wesley, Jared, and Arash have several papers out in Optics Express and APL. 

See us at CLEO 2014:

Monday Jun. 9, 1:30-2:00 pm, Executive Ballroom 210G: Joyce will give an invited talk on "Breaking the conventional limitations of microrings."  Paper SM3G.1.

Monday Jun. 9, 5:45-6:00 pm, Executive Ballroom 210B: Arash will present "Current-controlled optical modulation in thin VO2 wires."  Paper FM4B.8.

Thursday Jun. 12, 2:45-3:00 pm, Salon III: Wesley will present "Ultra-efficient and broadband dual-Level Si3N4-on-SOI grating coupler."  Paper STh3M.4.

January 2014

See us at OFC 2014:

W. D. Sacher, Y. Huang, D. Liang, T. Barwicz, J. C. Mikkelsen, B. J. Taylor, G.-Q. Lo, and J. K. S. Poon. Si3N­­4-on-SOI polarization rotator-splitter based on TM0-TE1 mode conversion. Paper Th1A.3.32.

J. C. Mikkelsen, W. D. Sacher, and J. K. S. Poon. Adiabatically widened silicon microring resonators with improved tolerance to wafer-scale variations. Paper Th2A.12.

J. C. Mikkelsen, W. D. Sacher, and J. K. S. Poon. Silicon ridge waveguide directional couplers with improved tolerance to wafer-scale variations. Paper  Th2A.61.

September 2013

Our group is expanding!  We welcome Dave Jeong, Jason Mak, and Zheng Yong as new graduate students to the group.  We also welcome Debbie Lo and Hiro Onodera as EngSci thesis students for this academic year.

Congratulations to Hasi for successfully defending his MASc thesis!  He is now an official PhD student.

Joyce will give an invited talk at the IEEE Photonics Conference in Seattle in the microresonator special session.

April 2013

Our first journal article with IBM Research on breaking the cavity linewidth limit in resonant modulation has been published in Optics Express. [link]

See us at CLEO 2013:

Monday Jun 10, 9:15 am, 06 Executive Ballroom 210G: Jared Mikkelsen will present "Improving the dimensional tolerance of microrings with adiabatically widened bends."  Paper CM1F.5.

Tuesday Jun 11, 11:00 am, 06 Executive Ballroom 210G: Arash Joushaghani will present "Low-voltage integrated broadband hybrid VO2-surface plasmon polariton swithces."  Paper CTu1F.1.

Tuesday Jun 11, 2:45 pm, 06 Executive Ballroom 210G: Wesley Sacher will present "Coupling-modulated microrings for DPSK modulation." Paper CTu2F.3.

Tuesday Jun 11, 5:15 pm, 06 Executive Ballroom 210G: Wesley Sacher will present "Silicon-on-insulator polarization splitter-rotator based on TM0-TE1 mode conversion in a bi-level taper."  Paper CTu3F.3.

March 2013

Arash's recently published paper on a hybrid plasmonic-VO2 switch is the 14th most downloaded article in Applied Physics Letters in February. [link]